Healing Touch Bodywork
What is Kahunah Massage

Kahuna massage originates from the Hawaiian islands where it has been practiced for over 5000 years.

The kahuna massage is a full body massage using long rhythmical strokes, breath, and movement.  This massage is very different from any other. This assists the person to relax, rejuvenate
and heal:

On the Physical Level
• Aids to detox and cleanse
• Maximise energy levels
• Feel more flexible and at ease
• Release of tension and stress

On the Mental Level
• Become more positive
• Mental clarity, vision and inner peace
• Restore balance and vitality
On an Emotional Level
• Learn to listen to your inner self
• Become aware how state of mind effects your emotions
• Helps you process emotions
On a spiritual level
• Your emotions - your compass to your life's purpose
• Live your full potential with purpose and abundance
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